Koyas Fasteners has the state-of-the-art, manufacturing plant with a production capacity of more than 4,000 metric tones per annum.
Product Realisation Processes including Raw Material annealing, Phosphating and drawing are carried out in-house. Integrated Quality Management System is well established in the plant.

Raw materials are procured from only reputed sources in "As Rolled Condition" which is accepted after thorough in-coming inspection. Accepted materials are passed for wire processing and each coil is assigned a unique number for the purpose of identification and traceability.

  • Wire Processing
    Wire Processing
    Wire rod is thoroughly cleaned in HCL. After pickling, wire rod is rinsed in running water in tank and then it is subjected to water rinsing, thereafter it is heated up in hot water bath. Then the absolutely cleaned steel coil is phosphate coated and rinsed. It is finally dipped in Bond lube bath and thereby soap coating is applied on phosphate coating.
  • Wire Drawing
    Wire Drawing
    Wire rod requiring a light pass is given skin draw on Wire Drawing Machines and made ready fir cold forging of Fasteners. Wire rod requiring a heavy reduction in Cross Sectional area to get a comparatively much smaller size and the Wire rod requiring spheroidise annealing for softening are drawn with a heavy reduction in order to crush the structure into small grains to facilitate annealing.
  • Annealing
    Annealing is carried out for cold formation of metal to take care of critical shapes. The entire annealing cycle in terms of temperature and time is critically controlled.
  • Final Wire Draw
    Final Wire Draw
    After sheroidise annealing the wire rod is pickled, phosphated & Bond Lube coated. Finally a skin pass is given in the wire drawing machine. The wire is now ready for forging.
  • Cold Forging
    Cold Forging
    After the wire rod is converted into the desired size the same is loaded into the cold forging machine for making Industrial Fasteners like Bolts, Studs, Screws, Nut, Special Fasteners etc.
  • Bolt Forging
    Bolt Forging
    There are 7 multistation Cold Bolt Formers and Cold Headers of internationally renowned makes are operational in our plant. With the in-house manufacturing Engineers and Design team, KOYAS FASTENERS is strong in producing various types of Fasteners with and without threads for all types of Industrial needs. The Cold Forging of components including Bolts, Screws, Studs, Rivets, End Stoppers, Pin Locators, Pin Towel Bars, Pin Hooks, Special Fasteners, etc. are being produced with good surface quality, desired grain flow and close dimensional tolerances.
  • Nut Forgings
    Nut Forgings
    There are 2 Cold Nut Formers and KOYAS has the capability to forge any type of Cold Forgeable nut of Standard and Special category.
  • Thread Rolling Facilities
    Thread Rolling Facilities
    KOYAS Thread Rolling machines comprising of 4 nos. of flat die type machine and 3 rotary die machines. Cold thread rolling ensures more precise and stronger threads than cut threads. For obtaining a better fatigue resistance, threads are rolled after Heat Treatment as is needed in critical automobile engine bolts.
  • Nut Tapping
    Nut Tapping
    KOYAS have 3 nos. of 4 spindle Auto nut tapping machines of the latest high speed technology for tapping nuts with high precision.
  • Other Secondary Operation machines
    Other Secondary Operation machines
    KOYAS have Turning machines, Centreless Grinders, Copy Turning Lathe, Drilling machines, Cylindrical grinders for all special and precision Fasteners.
  • Product Heat Treatment
    Product Heat Treatment
    KOYAS have 3 nos. of Hardening Furnaces and 2 nos. of Tempering Furnaces. Continuous, fully automatic, error proof, electrically heated mesh belt conveyor type Hardening and Tempering furnace line with all duly calibrated controls operated by PLC's will be installed by January 2009. Tempered Martensitic structure is ensured with right hardness traverse and devoid of any temper brittleness. There is no scope of mix-up between as-hardened and tempered material or heat treated and un-heat treated material. The CP Controller ensures avoidance of decarburisation or carburisation.
  • Surface Treatment
    Surface Treatment
    Zinc Phosphating : KOYAS has a semi-automatic Phosphating plant with Thermopac Heating controls. Automatic Electroplating : KOYAS have a state-of-the-art automatic Electroplating plant processing White ( Bluish ), Yellow, Black and Green Passivation. The entire system is PLC Controlled and error proof, both Trivalent and Hexavalent Passivation is carried out.
  • Patrol Inspection
    Patrol Inspection
    First off and last off approval by Quality Assurance Team and routine Partol Inspection is carried out to ensure Quality of products in each and every stage. SQC is also being carried out in essential areas.
  • Final Inspection
    Final Inspection
    Sample as per IS : 2500 is followed in FI and all critical parameters are inspected before passing for packing.
  • Standards Room
    Standards Room
    KOYAS has well equipped Standards Room with temperature, humidity and dust control to do the scheduled calibration of all the Inspection, Measuring and Test Equipments. The calibration system covers both in-house and external calibration. The external calibration laboratories are traceable to National and International Test Houses and are NABL certified. Color codifications are followed for calibrated and accepted instruments and flanges.