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Our Infrastructure

Product Heat Treatment

KOYAS have 3 nos. of Hardening Furnaces and 2 nos. of Tempering Furnaces. Continuous, fully automatic, error proof, electrically heated mesh belt conveyor type Hardening and Tempering furnace line with all duly calibrated controls operated by PLC's will be installed by January 2009. Tempered Martensitic structure is ensured with right hardness traverse and devoid of any temper brittleness.

Surface Treatment

Zinc Phosphating : KOYAS has a semi-automatic Phosphating plant with Thermopac Heating controls. Automatic Electroplating : KOYAS have a state-of-the-art automatic Electroplating plant processing White ( Bluish ), Yellow, Black and Green Passivation. The entire system is PLC Controlled and error proof, both Trivalent and Hexavalent Passivation is carried out.

Patrol Inspection

First off and last off approval by Quality Assurance Team and routine Partol Inspection is carried out to ensure Quality of products in each and every stage. SQC is also being carried out in essential areas.

Final Inspection

Sample as per IS : 2500 is followed in FI and all critical parameters are inspected before passing for packing.

Standards Room

KOYAS has well equipped Standards Room with temperature, humidity and dust control to do the scheduled calibration of all the Inspection, Measuring and Test Equipments. The calibration system covers both in-house and external calibration. The external calibration laboratories are traceable to National and International Test Houses and are NABL certified.

Auto Packing Conv

We are instrumental in manufacturing and supplying a supreme quality range of Automatic Pouch Packing Machine. In this one can packing engineering products such as Lugs, Screw, Nails, Rivets.

Automatic Packing

There is the previous forefront technology that keeps supporting new forefront. From design to process, or even to manufacture.

Std Room KFL

Tool Rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery & equipment. They are engaged in designing and manufacturing of quality tools, which are necessary for producing quality products, and improve the competitiveness of KFL in national and international markets. They also conduct training programmes to provide skilled manpower to industries specially KFL.

Mectron Sorting

Mectron puts its own technology to use to provide manufacturers with high-speed dimensional and metallurgical production sorting. Don’t take any chances with manual/visual sorting when you can have your products inspected with the industry’s leading laser and digital eddy current technology. Bolts, screws, screw machined and heat-treated.

CCM Sorting

CCM manufactures optical sorters, sorting machines, we have different kinds of sorting equipment and optical inspection equipment. Our optical sorting machine can apply on all kinds of fasteners which can meet the different need of customers, and we also manufacture bolt formers and process monitorning. CCM combines Multi Station Former & Process Monitoring together which could let customer monitoring all the process in-line.